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botox treatments Botox - Pretty Poison
Botox is a new and exciting new treatment in the struggle against aging.  Its advantages include dramatic effectiveness with minimal side effects. 

The FAQ's on Facelifts
Of course more specific questions concerning the individual should be discussed with your doctor.  In this issue I will address some of the more common questions concerning facial rejuvenation and in particular facelift. 

plastic surgery costs

Cosmetic Surgery No Longer Just For the Rich and Famous.
Cosmetic surgery once available to only the affluent is now commonly available to a much wider population. 



The American Board of Plastic Surgery -
"The mission of The American Board of Plastic Surgery, Inc. is to promote safe, ethical, efficacious plastic surgery to the public by maintaining high standards for the examination and certification of plastic surgeons as specialists and subspecialists." This site explains board certification and other frequently asked questions regarding certification.

The American Board of Surgery -
"The American Board of Surgery was founded in 1937 for the purpose of certifying those found to be qualified after meeting specific requirements and completing an examination process. A major reason for establishing the specialty board was to identify the surgeon who has met a certain standard of excellence. The ABS is an independent, non-profit organization with worldwide recognition. It is one of the twenty-four certifying boards that are members of the American Board of Medical Specialties. The Directors of the American Board of Surgery are distinguished surgeons in education, research, and practice in the United States."

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) -
"The web site for plastic surgery, sponsored by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) and the Plastic Surgery Educational Foundation (PSEF). This site provides background on the history and wide variety of cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery procedures as well as offering a plastic surgeon referral service. There is also information on ASPRS, PSEF and other plastic surgery organizations."

The American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) -
"The American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) is the umbrella organization for the 24 approved medical specialty boards in the United States. Established in 1933, the ABMS serves to coordinate the activities of its Member Boards and to provide information to the public, the government, the profession and its Members concerning issues involving specialization and certification in medicine. The mission of the ABMS is to maintain and improve the quality of medical care in the United States by assisting the Member Boards in their efforts to develop and utilize professional and educational standards for the evaluation and certification of physician specialists."

The American Medical Association (AMA) -
" An organization's statement of core purpose captures its fundamental reason for being. Since its founding in 1847 by a group of physicians concerned about advancing the quality of medical education, science, and medical practice, the American Medical Association's core purpose has been: To promote the art and science of medicine and the betterment of public health."

The American College of Surgeons -
"The American College of Surgeons is a scientific and educational association of surgeons that was founded in 1913 to improve the quality of care for the surgical patient by setting high standards for surgical education and practice."

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